Golden Age of the Xylophone

I was lucky to play Golden Age of the Xylophone on the 2015 US Navy Band Tour of the Northeast. We played this 14 times (!) and this is from a concert on March 4th. Somewhere. Click here to see a home video performance with solo notation!

Machine 5

The 5th Machine from Marc Mellit's 5 Machines, taken from Great Noise Ensemble's debut release, 2013.

Scheherezade-Mov't 3

It's not often you get to play snare drum in Rimsky Korsakov's Scheherezade. Here's the 3rd movement from a live concert with the Alexandria Symphony, 2013. sed a colleague's 14"x5" Pearl Aluminum for this movement.


Audio of the drum video with me playing along to Rush's classic instrumental, YYZ. For the video, click here.

Uptown Funk

Live from Ned Devine's, Dr. FU's version of Mark Ronson's (feat. Bruno Mars) Uptown Funk.

The Trooper

Taken from my Iron Maiden tribute, Eyes of the Nile's 2 song demo.

Two of Us

The Beatles classic, done Nowhere Men style.

The Music of My Soul

Great song from Chris Sizemore's debut release.

Finale from Variations for 4 Drums and Viola

Me and Becca Steele rocking out this classic of the modern music repertoire by Michael Colgrass.

Benny and Lionel

An ode to Benny Goodman and Lionel Hampton performed by the US Navy Band. Vibraphone-Juan Vazquez.

Bach-Presto from Sonata #1 in g minor

Here's my take when I was working up an audition.

Black Page

This was recorded soon after I moved in to my new house in 2008. We were getting for a performance and these guys and girls just rocked it.

We Can Work it Out

Another demo song from Beatles acoustic group, Nowhere Men.

Catching Shadows

Recorded live at the 2014 Midwest Convention with some of my amazing percussion colleagues.


Playing along to the Anthrax classic in my home studio. For the video version, click here.

                 For more sounds, head here!