Are you a third-party Radio Station, Magazine or Publisher, Broadcasting Company, Digital Company or powerful Brand, we want to hear from you. 

Advertise with us today! 

Putting your marketing department in touch with our brand: PartyBox. 
Are you a third-party Radio Station, Magazine or Publisher, Broadcasting Company, Digital Company or powerful Brand, we want to hear from you.

Advertise with us today!

Putting your marketing department in touch with our brand: PartyBox.


For more information on how to place your advertisement or promotional marketing sponsorship with PartyBox, as in our Tribute Channel highlight artist of the year, we accept placement on radio, broadcasting, magazine and publishing and with all levels of media, print media and digital website advertising  under PartyBox Advertising, Marketing services. 

We offer two types of advertising in our PartyBox shop program and advertising campaigns: 

We place you. 
You place us!

Our Artist of the year this year is- Chris DeChiara. Chris has traveled the world as a drummer/percussionist in all styles of music from classical to rock. He also sings and records for artists and classical percussion from his home studio. He also teaches lessons from home and through the online app, Meethook.


Your Brand, Company, or Product in part with all third party placement by us and by other vendors across all Our Media products, Online Presence, Digital OTT, Original Radio programing, TV programing or Broadcast spots and media spots at a mix of venues, distribution, concert halls, performing events, touring venues, sports complexes, game venues, marque centers and venues and Cross Platform OTT Digital or Booking individually, on our PartyBox media mix of products in exchange for your paid advertising in a cross-pollinated exchange of advertising, marketing and co-development of our content in radio, television and broadcasting.

We will work with you to cater to our PartyBox brand on your website and 360 degree touch points with our products and services across our artist of the year, and with your media kit on our website in a newly created PartyBox SWOP Program in personalized and custom third party vendor campaign creation. 

Unique Options in Cross- Pollination.  

- Custom Campaigns 
- Content Creation 
- Co-developed Media placement services 
- Custom Print Ads and Brand recognition campaigns  
- Interviewing 
- Radio Programs 
- Broadcast Talent Submissions 
- Junket and Film   

Two Benefits: 

Third-party placement in direct cross pollination of your company branding on our website, or concert or arts performances in digital content, radio, film or television advertising and your company marketing our PartyBox artists in your media mix of products and offerings, whether print, digital, radio, broadcast or social media advertising, allows for each Third-Party vendor and PartyBox to co-create advertising and marketing opportunities beneficial to our artists and content in all areas of performing with your media.

Each artist receives a PartyBox website with your product offering, and we receive your company, brand or product on all marketing of PartyBox cross pollinated products and services, third-party with other vendors or direct with us! 

This includes direct website, promotional stickers, flyers, direct mail, bulletins, digital media, outdoor media, brochures, print ads for large and small circulation publications, large format outdoor ads for print, radio and television and placement social media in cross platform OTT and all other social radius frameworks for promoting your talent as marketed and sponsored by PartyBox. 

Your Company on our media, content and products in a SWOP for our PartyBox Brand and Artists on your radio, television, print, media and digital broadcasting and network broadcasting company, publication or product! 

With the benefit of promoting PartyBox in your business across our artists, your business may be given the following:

- Unique Brand recognition
- Special coverage for media placement in a niche segment 
- outside of media Nielsen Report or other media placement measurements across benchmarks and measurements to your consumer or customer 
- Consumer Product Placement with our PartyBox artist and your company with our events and concerts in radio, television, OTT  and digital online or website direct to our followers and fan base. 
- Cross pollinated marketing and advertising placement on our website and advertise ads broadcast, radio and television in our PartyBox Third Party Marketing and Advertising swop program, where each artist, musician, inventor, maker, actor, athlete is promoted as PartyBox talent and will be a part of original content and co-original content in advertising on local, regional and national media placement tour information:

We are interested in advertising on PartyBox and with PartyBox: 

What is Unique about PartyBox and our artists. 

Tell us how you aim to sell: 

- Tickets and box office, 
- Promote us at venue hall, 
- Make us stand out on radio programs
- Show us how you engage with our brand 
- Why we meet all your media spots, advertising and product mix 
- What content, broadcasting networks, cable, OTT, talk shows, publications, entertainment brands you would affiliate us with. 

For more information on marketing and advertising in our PartyBox SWOP Program and on our website, concerts, filming, content, performing and broadcast events with the cross-pollinated benefits of all our talent, PartyBox original content and artist of the year with your company and your brand, product or company, in consumer, business to business or print, radio and television with our name PartyBox and your name (Media, Radio, Network, Publication, Social Media, Broadcast ads, Print ads, Agency, CPG and FMCPG brand, company or product) in weekly placement, monthly placement, booking talent, content creation services for the PartyBox SWOP  media placement and catered campaign for cross-pollinated Third Party marketing of our network of artists with your unique offering, please contact 410-934-2543.  We have more artists coming!

Broadcast and Media 
Where we accept advertising placement on our PartyBox website and we in turn advertise our PartyBox services and content across our digital, cross platform content and broadcast in a cross pollinated fashion, where our PartyBox artist may be paired with with your event, media press, television spot and placement with their content, concert or venue broadcasted and your product radio station, food and beverage company, all music and arts consumer products and concert/venue halls or whatever you bring to the PartyBox.  

Cross Pollination Benefits of a PartyBox artist for your campaigns and events at every touch point of your product delivery mix

Cross Pollination Benefits of a PartyBox artist, PartyBox campaign, PartyBox channel, PartyBox entertainments, and PartyBox programming and original programs to receive your advertising and marketing of your print ad, digital ad, radio station affiliation and advertising; television programming and advertisers; cable or network provider affiliation and advertising: logo, media kit and ad.

We welcome for our tours: advertising across industry placement operators and third party vendors as well as, bus, train and logistic/automotive media and ads; high schools, universities and colleges ads and marketing tour co-created campaigns; non profit venues; city planners revamping your community; venue operators large and small; small businesses through better business bureau; visitors centers for your city; for direct ad placement.

For our Field Day campaign, we welcome airport media, carriers for large industry promotion and launch date public relations as well as outdoor signage, print media, direct advertisement and sponsor advertising and placement of concerts and games; game company; sports agency; digital provider; communications agency; retail or media spot and with placement of any company, sponsor or affiliate we work with.

PartyBox is a brand that wants to connect to your power brand, message, technology, and team.

We love innovation. We accept barter advertising from cloud providers, game and gaming companies, mobile and communication companies, appliances and entertainment electronics to meet today's exciting developments in VR/AR and AI innovation with our products and services. 

All this is DIRECT PLACEMENT on PartyBox products and our PartyBox talent/artists receive in part their headlining, promotion, marketing, tour, product offering and personalized brand catered to your brand in the PartyBox SWOP as just the beginning of our advertising and marketing partnership. 

Call for pricing for your vision with our brand to offer your paid ad, campaign, brand, services, and affiliates with PartyBox in digital, radio, television, print and other mediums and become our brand partner. 

We are interested in you and all third party vendors.

We are interested in all levels of advertising in this cross pollination promotional campaign(s), such as, bands, radio spots, musical instrument advertising, local and regional media companies highlighting their brand, product or promotional plug for our PartyBox artist, for placement in your store materials, promotional media press kit, magazine, all promotional materials whether on tour, playing regionally or nationally. 

We accept local sponsorship marketing to the artist's local region and their tour regions, such as concert halls, collegiate events, broadcasting of PartyBox television programming, and professional media services by a third party, print, media, radio or broadcast. 

Collegiate and High School:  
Team Cheer Campaign
Team Cheer Sponsorship 
Team Cheer Product and Media Placement at all venues, with cross pollinated vendors and programs.

Field Day: 
Outside Arenas and Concert Halls and Festivals with your artists, bookings and talent with ours.

Tribute Channel: 
Works by another celebrity, athlete, maker, artist, gamer or musician and your talent performed by you, your company, band, inventors, entrepreneurs and your group with our Third Party SWOP Program and Campaigns and advertisers unique to your tastes across Consumer Product, Radio and Television Print direct and indirect placement live or recorded. 

Game Day! 
Athletes, Gamers and Beyond to Infinity. 

Reel Makers! 
Inventors and all your ideas, concepts and origination/ originations with your brand, our brand advertising and your film, content and promotion with our talent. 

PartyBox Content 
Create with us or be a part of our original programs. 

If you are interested in becoming an artist of the year, you are advertiser in TV, radio, broadcast television and maintain your own  Marketing Department, Direct or Third-Party Advertising or Media agency, a Sports Agency or you have a unique advertising proposition or product you want to pair with PartyBox and the PartyBox artist of the year or our other proprietary artists, please get in touch with us!  

For more information please fill out the form below-

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PartyBox makes up a list of artists and entrepreneurs that highlights one special artist each year and individually promotes their work as part of a digital content and branded channel makeup, while on tour individually, singing, playing, acting, making, creating, composing, by themselves or with other acts, locally, regionally or nationally touring as a guest artist, musician, athlete, celebrity, talent, speaker, and or band or group of entrepreneurs. 

PartyBox artist Chris DeChiara is one of many artists we market as performers for original television, radio and broadcast content.